6,484,336 B1 DATED NOVEMBER 26, 2002

Orthopedic sidesleeper comfort pillow and method. (Sidesleeper™)



Many individuals prefer to sleep on their sides rather than in a prone or supine position. When side sleeper's head, or head and pillow rest's on the arm and shoulder, especially after extended periods of recumbancy, pain, numbness and tingling occur.This discomfort causes frequent position change which diminishes the quality and quantity of sleep. Chronic restlessness and wakefulness can cause sleep deprivation with subsequent chronic fatigue and depression.

A recessed front portion may extend along the entire length of the pillow. Alternate embodiments are shown with recessed portions in the center and opposite ends to accommodate the neck and head and shoulders respectively. A thin rigid sheet is interposed within the pillow to distribute the forces away from the shoulder and arm allowing free movement of the arm and elevating the side sleeper's head.

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